About Me

Hi my name is Vedant Bachche a student of MYP-5 at the making and publishing of this website. I am an initiative and enthusiastic web developer! I started my journey in my school learning from the teachers and various web courses, I was dedicated and motivated for a better cause.

When I was watching a movie, I saw the ad for quitting smoking, eating tobacco is bad, and stopping drinking alcohol. Then I thought to myself, these aren’t the only bad things that people get addicted to, so why not make my personal project on this itself and also cover the other addictions that people have, especially for people from the ages of 15–40 years of age, as these are the ones who take drugs or are influenced by things like gambling.

With this opportunity, I thought to myself I want to learn about psychology and how humans get addicted to substances due to chemical activity in the brain. Along with psychology, I also wanted to learn website development as one of my career routes was related to web development, so learning it at this age would make it incredibly useful. The introduction of the internet had made it very easy to share information about various topics and subjects. At the same time, it can also store lots of data and access the data from different places. The ability to make these things happen piqued my interest in coding and still continues to pique my interest, but to be more specific. I had an interest in coding as I found it really fun to learn and to be able to apply the knowledge, I have learnt to create a product that gives me satisfaction. Because of my interest, I thought I should use my knowledge from what I have learnt about coding and skills I have developed throughout the course of my life to create a website to inform people techniques on how to get rid of any addiction. After months and months of hard work and patience, I present to you my Personal Project; How to not get addicted to anything, the bear fruit of my own care and affection.